07 December 2008


Oh hello, internets! I'm sorry it's been so long. Since I last posted here, I've completed my PhD; been viva'd and graduated; worked as a medical secretary for eight months and then as a training officer for six months; civilised my lady; moved from Leeds to Manchester; and knitted four and a half cardigans, one jumper, two gloves, and a ... babydoll sort of thing. The only one I seem to have photos of is the last, and fittingly, it was the first completed. Here it is:

It is silly and fripperaneous and I do adore it. I actually took these pictures just over a year ago (my hair doesn't look like that any more!), and I currently wear it at least once a week, over a dark blue or grey long-sleeved t-shirt and a slim fitting skirt or trousers. It's a madey-uppy top-down raglan. I based the puffed sleeves on the pattern for Zephyrstyle's Rusted Root, which my girlfriend has. Then I added a stitch about 50% more stitches just below the bust, so it has this silly little babydoll shape to it. At the bottom there's a bit of texture created by alternating a row of garter stitch with a row of moss stitch and then another row of garter stitch. The yarn is a pure wool one from Kingcraig, and it's fantastically warm: perfect for a short-sleeved top worn over long skinny sleeves. And the buttons are from Samuel Taylor's in Leeds, and just gorgeous:

I'll try and have a modelling session soon and get pictures of a few of the others!