05 August 2012


Blue Daisies is now finished, hoorah hooray!  When I'd blocked it, I realised that it was about 4" longer than I intended it to be, so I took a chunk off the bottom and used it to knit a double-sided neckband, which worked beautifully and gives it a lovely structure.  I then decided that it didn't need a button band, and have just put a single button at the neck instead and left the rest open.

It's perfect - light and warm and pretty and drapey - and I am having to resist the urge to wear it every day.  Pictures soon!

So, my next trick is a colour-work yoke jumper, which is coming along nicely.  In fact, I've reached the stage of yoke-knitting:

The yoke is my own design, based on traditional Fair-Isle patterns:

I have 400 stitches in the round with the arms and body joined, which gives me 20 repeats of a 20-stitch pattern.  The pattern is 50 stitches deep, so over that fifty stitches I need to narrow from 400 stitches 200 stitches: each pattern repeat starts with 20 and narrows to 10 stitches. Next job, working out where my decreases are going to be!

I've called this Lundish because I started very roughly with the Radio Times's Sarah Lund sweater, although I've moved a very long way from that now.  I'm excited about it, though!  It should be ready perfectly in time for the weather to get colder.