24 April 2013

Catch-up - Lundish, and the Perfect Manchester Jumper

Blogger!  I never told you about my yellow jumper.  It is MARVELLOUS - I finished it around August, and it has been a delight to wear for this terribly, terribly long winter.

The shape of the jumper is very simple, with no particularly exotic features - plain 2x2 ribbing around the cuffs, base and neckline, and a fitted yoke. There are a couple of shortrows across the bust, although, um, I realised I was wearing it back to front for the first two months (and probably am in in this picture), so they apparently don't make a huge difference to the fit.

But despite the simplicity of the construction, the colour work is beautiful, and these kind of rounded shoulders and necklines suit me extraordinarily well.  And oh, Rowan 4ply, what a great yarn you are.  I wear it with a simple layer underneath - usually a thin 3/4 sleeved tshirt or a body - and it's almost never too hot or too cold.

Unfortunately I only have phone photos of it to hand at the moment, but here you go:


Currently I'm working on another tightly-knitted colourwork jumper in 4-ply.  This one is based on Susan Crawford's Perfect Christmas Jumper, but I'm working my own colourwork:

The yarn is Sublime Extra Fine Merino 4-ply, in Peeptoe (raspberry pink), Alabaster (cream/white) and (I think) Grosgrain (grey-green.)  

I have finished and sewn together the front and back, so the colourwork part is done. It isn't quite like this - those gaps between the wellies are too big for colour work, so there are more wellies closer together, the umbrellas are a bit smaller, and I didn't do the lightning bolts or the sunshines. So it is in fact a perfect Manchester jumper, with Wellington boots, umbrellas, rain and clouds.  I really love it!  I've nearly finished one sleeve, so one more to do and then just arm seams and neckline to finish, and then I will put it away until autumn.  I hope.  Although given Manchester weather...