26 June 2012

Blue daisies

I've been working on two things since I finished the Pink Ginger.  The first is my Lundish jumper, a bottom-up Fair-Isle yoke jumper which was inspired by ... well, you can probably guess.  It's on Ravelry here.  I knitted about 7" of it and then decided it was April and time to knit summer things.

So for the last couple of months, I've been working on a very light top-down raglan cardigan, made in Zitrone Filligran:

It's a skinny little top-down raglan with a very simple daisy lace patter. The idea was to make a very light little wool cardigan that could be stuffed into the corner of a bag and easily layered under light summer jackets, which is what I do with all my cardigans.

Tragically, that is 100% of the two skeins - well, I have about 2.5m left. This is a problem as it definitely needs a neckline knitted onto it, and probably a buttonband as well. The plan was to finish it off properly, with a double-layer neckline and buttonband for structure. Unfortunately … there is no more yarn. And I can’t think of anything that’ll go with that petrol blue. I mean, I can - obviously red, orange or bright yellow would be the natural choices, or else a slightly lighter grey-blue - but I wanted it to be a plain and neutral cardie that would go with anything. I’ll probably wear it with lots of colours.

Currently thoughts are to get a cream/natural yarn in a similar weight and use that for a neckline and buttonband, or to do get some natural-coloured lace trim, or to get some very light silk-scarf fabric in a similar dark blue, cut it into bias strips and use that to face the neckline and buttonbands. My concerns with each course of action are:

  • Can I get natural lace weight yarn in the right weight? And if so, would I sew a solid neckline and buttonband or find a lace pattern?  (Answer: yes, Purl City Yarns has the exact same yarn in cream. Hm.)
  • If I use manufactured lace, will be too heavy and change the hang and fit of the garment?
  • So very Jigsaw-circa-2008.
  • So I don’t know. Thoughts?

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    Britney said...

    that FO looks gorgeous ! i really love the color you knit it in as well 8D